Professional Pocket Bug Detector – PRO5000D

Posted by (CS)d June 10th, 2009


Designed solely for the location and detection of covert transmitters the PRO5000D will detect virtually any radio transmitting ‘bugging’ device. It uses the latest surface mount technology to provide very high sensitivity across a wide frequency to ensure detection and location of even the weakest radio signals. VHF, UHF and Microwave transmitters will all be detected by the PRO5000D; in fact anything that transmits a radio signal between 0 and 5000 MHz(5 GHz).
Such devices include miniature room bugs, mains powered bugs, telephone bugs, video transmitters, mobile telephones, walkie-talkies etc. A 10 LED bargraph display indicates signal strength along with an audio Geiger click, enabling you to pin point the transmitter precisely. If you wish to check for transmitters without alerting others the PRO5000D can be set to vibrate mode. If any signals are detected the unit will vibrate silently, allowing you to keep it concealed on your person, in a jacket pocket, for example.

Once you have located a suspect signal using the PRO5000D by simply attaching the supplied headphones you can use the ‘Demodulation’ facility to identify whether the suspect device is transmitting any audio such as that from a bugging device microphone or a telephone bug transmitter.


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