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What Is Counter-Surveillance?

Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance is the process to avoid surveillance. In the present scenario where internet has emerged as the strongest means of communications, counter surveillance has become of immense importance due to increased competition and availability of large data base.

A higher authority can always be in the position of watching over the actions of different individuals or groups and this activity, which can actually be considered an art, is called surveillance. There are two types of surveillance: covert and overt. In the first case people who are watched are not aware of it and in the second case they know it and sometimes they are reminded it, usually through an unpleasant phrase like: “you are being watched over.”

Human history has had a lot of surveillance situations. There was a writer Sun Tzu, who wrote the book “The Art of War”, 2,500 years ago. He treats the way in which spies should be employed in order to fight against personal enemies. Nowadays electronic, computerized systems are used in the field of surveillance. Thus, through computers surveillance becomes automatic and there are extensive records left by people which present what they do.


Counter surveillance is the method of boycotting surveillance or avoiding it. In the past, when computers were not very popular, counter surveillance was performed by special agents and secret communication. Nowadays, because of the internet and large data bases, as well as electronic security systems, counter surveillance became more complex and extensive. Therefore, today counter surveillance means a lot of aspects, from deleting files to hide from direct advertising.

Counter surveillance features
Aggressive intelligence is paid with more than a million dollars a year by most very important companies in the world. Irrespective of its size a company is interested to know everything about competition: what they are planning, doing, worrying, and thinking about. At this point, there are necessary modern spies.

Therefore counter surveillance systems are implemented in order to feel protected against such spies, who use modern methods like small video cameras for example. But you can counter act quickly using a mini bug detector for instance, which will help you find any recording device. You can be spied by infrared systems or wireless systems, but you must be more intelligent than them, using spy camera finders, which can also identify wireless internet hotspots.

Why is counter surveillance necessary?
Eavesdropping Countermeasure Services are required in a world of business and industry based on information. You have to know that such systems are not used exclusively by CIA and FBI, but they can be purchased by anybody who is interested to protect its privacy, especially nowadays when industrial espionage is increasing.

How can surveillance video be recorded?
There are companies which provide counter surveillance systems that are disguised in an intelligent manner so that they look like sunglasses for example, but they are really hardwired cameras. Besides, there is a button camera kit, which can be applied on any item of clothing which has buttons, and it can be an easy, covert action.

Camera and tap detectors working
A remote receiver can be transmitted a radio signal by wiretaps. These radio signals are honed in on by a tap detector and you can detect a wiretap immediately, identifying its precise location, and starting to get rid of it using an audio jam system.

Full “Bug Sweep”
Local spy shops can’t deal with uncovering eavesdropping devices and in general new advanced technology can’t do it quickly. It is based on electronic tests, physical inspection of the area which is suspected as well as on understanding the intensity degree of the threat.

There are a lot of technical methods used in the case of full bug-sweep. Different kinds of specific equipment are used for tests, apart from telephone line study and radio spectrum study. All probable kinds of radio signals are looked for and demodulated when a control is performed at a location. Eavesdropping could use changes which can influence office and telephone systems. Complex time domain reflect metric systems are used to control and study telephone lines located within a telephone company or out of its central office.

Audio jam systems and noise generators
Audio jam systems and noise generators don’t allow wiretaps to record private discussions. They are used against listening systems, protecting anybody’s personal conversation. Thus an audio jam system can produce a sound which deactivates any microphone in the area. It can be used against hardwired microphones, eavesdropping systems based on microphones, RF transmitters, tape recorders and shotgun microphones.

Digital voice and phone recorders
Digital voice recorders are easy and discreet ways of recording a telephone conversation. Digital phone recorders are able to record when they are activated for voice, or long periods of time.

Voice changers
Voice changers are devices which can help you disguise your voice. They are small so that they fit your pocket and they are extremely discreet. They can be used easily even with portable phones. All you have to do is to press a button and your voice will be changed according to your preference.

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