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Corporate Counter-Surveillance

Posted by (CS)d June 11th, 2009


The Daily Mail reported on a new phenomenon where Corporate executives are turning to 007-style counter surveillance techniques for inspiration as competition heats up as a result of the credit crunch. Counter surveillance refers to measures adopted to prevent surveillance, such as sweeping for listening devices or bugs; counter surveillance employs a set of counter measures to reduce the risk of being spied on. And although counter-surveillance is common in the world of espionage and politics with anti-terrorist measures for example, the use of counter-surveillance techniques in the boardroom is becoming increasingly common.

Counter Surveillance: Bond in the Boardroom

The escalating credit crunch means job losses are looming as business becomes more competitive; getting the upper hand on a competitor can literally mean make or break a business. In such a context, it’s little wonder that employees are more concerned about counter surveillance measures. Spy equipment retailers have reported a boom in sales of counter surveillance and spy gadgets as credit-crunched executives take measures to safeguard their business.

Counter Surveillance: Desperate Times

As the economy worsens, counter surveillance gadgets and spy accessories are being built into tailored suits to cater to the executive market. Shirts with buttons fitted with minuscule video recording devices, or counter surveillance mobile phones are being snapped up to prevent rivals from eaves-dropping and stealing important deals. According to the Daily Mail the counter surveillance gadgets and spy accessories “would look more at home on James Bond.”


Counter Surveillance: The Competitive Edge

But as the old saying goes, knowledge is power, and having effective surveillance and counter surveillance measures in place can give businesses a much-needed competitive edge. The global credit crunch is pushing some businesses to look at ways of protecting their assets or getting the edge on their competitors – and counter surveillance equipment is a necessary part of their armour. Counter surveillance mobile phones can encrypt signals to prevent eavesdropping or rivals listening in. Intelligence and security are important for those doing business in more unstable countries – and as well as counter surveillance and spy equipment, sales of wrist watches containing radiation detectors are also increasing amongst those doing business in Eastern Europe

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